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The Center for Bioethics and Research hosts several programs for teaching, service and research in Epidemiology, Clinical trials and International Bioethics

Free On-line CITI –IRB course

It is a free online bioethics training program. The CITI program is a subscription service which WAB has collaborated with to provide research ethics education to all members of the research community. Click on the first link below to know what courses to register for and the second and third links respectively to know how to register and complete the courses.

How to complete the CITI-IRB training program
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New Courses

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Announcing New Course “Research Study Design” Center for Bioethics and Research is excited to announce yet another new course “Research ...
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Announcing New Module: "Ethical and Appropriate Uses of Administrative Data for Research and Evaluation" The Center for Bioethics and Research ...
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The Center for Bioethics and Research Nigeria organised the final weekend retreat for the second set of admitted applicants on ...
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The Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR) Nigeria organized the first Weekend Retreat for the second set of participants that ...
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Bioethics is concerned with the ethical questions arising in contexts of biological and health sciences. Traditional topics in bioethics include abortion, euthanasia, relationships between health care providers and patients, research involving humans and animals, and justice in distribution of health resources. Emerging topics include genetic enhancement and modification of humans, risk and health, nanotechnology, and global public health.
These programs have been designed to meet the widely recognised growing need for ethics education for scientists, researchers and professionals working in medicine, nursing, psychology, allied health, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, health law, health and public policy, science communication and related fields, as well as students with backgrounds in applied philosophy, politics, law, sociology and anthropology. You should have an undergraduate degree in any of these related fields or comparable experience.
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The Masters degree in Bioethics at the University of Ibadan admits students every year. The West African Bioethics Training Program is supported by NIH Research Grant No. R25TW007091 to Professor Clement A. Adebamowo of the University of Maryland, funded by the Fogarty International Center and the National Human Genome Research Institute. For more information on The West African Bioethics training program, visit the training program website, Click here to go Now!
West African Bioethics Training Program conducts On-site training for Health Research Ethics Committees of Institutions

Current/Latest CBR Newsletter

A Newsletter of Center for Bioethics and Research

Current CBR Newsletter | Volume 13 Issue 2

Key Articles in this issue;

  • M.Sc Bioethics Trainees
  • Retreat for M.Sc. Bioethics Faculty Members in University of Nigeria, Enugu.
  • Online Blended Diploma Program
  • RHInnO Ethics Software Refresher Training
  • My Personal Experience as a participant of the Online Blended Diploma Program
  • My Experience as an M.Sc. Bioethics Scholar at the University of Ibadan
  • Fogarty Administrators Conference for 2019
  • Onsite Institutional Ethics Committees and Health Researchers training
  • Online Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) in collaboration with BRANY, New York
  • Recognition of a high Achiever
  • Appointments/Achievements
  • BeOnline Journal – Accepting Manuscripts for Review and Publication
  • Closing Remarks and Contact Information

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