We organize cancer registration training programs

The following are training programs we organize in a bid to improve the effectiveness of cancer registration in Nigeria.

Blended Diploma in Cancer Registration

This is a diploma program that is targeted at people working in the cancer registry and those interested in improving their knowledge on cancer registration, to enable them update their skills in keeping with the current trend in cancer registration. This program will be taken online and certificates of participation awarded to the participants.

Training for Establishment of Cancer Registries

We have experience in developing structured trainings for hospitals and institutions willing to establish cancer registries in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa. To date, we have directly assisted the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria to scale up the number of cancer registries in the country.

Hospital Based Cancer Registration training in collaboration with St. Jude Global

We are collaborating with St. Jude Global, the foremost non profit pediatric oncology center in the world to improve pediatric cancer registration and care in Nigeria. This partnership involves building the capacity of the staff at the hospital-based cancer registries and the pediatric oncologist.