Center for Bioethics and Research

The West African Bioethics is program for teaching, service and research in International Bioethics

The West African Bioethics training program is unique because it uses the opportunity afforded by its location in West Africa to research and train in Bioethics in English and French languages, both of which are widely spoken in the West African subregion

West African Bioethics Training Program supported MSc, MPhil/PhD program in Bioethics at the University of Ibadan

  • West African Bioethics Training Program launches its postgraduate degree programs in Bioethics at the University of Ibadan
  • WAB aims to take advantage of the rich cultural and colonial heritage of West Africa to develop robust research, training and service programs in Bioethics in West Africa.
  • This postgraduate program aims to build capacity for the ethical review of health research and to strengthen the capacity of the Ethics Committees in institutions throughout West Africa.
  • Furthermore, this program aims to produce bioethics experts who can contribute to the global bioethics discourse from a West African perspective
  • The degree program is designed to run in modules so that each course can also be taken as a standalone short course by those interested.

Why Are We The Best?

Bioethics is concerned with the ethical questions arising in contexts of biological and health sciences. Traditional topics in bioethics include abortion, euthanasia, relationships between health care providers and patients, research involving humans and animals, and justice in distribution of health resources. Emerging topics include genetic enhancement and modification of humans, risk and health, nanotechnology, and global public health.
These programs have been designed to meet the widely recognised growing need for ethics education for scientists, researchers and professionals working in medicine, nursing, psychology, allied health, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, health law, health and public policy, science communication and related fields, as well as students with backgrounds in applied philosophy, politics, law, sociology and anthropology. You should have an undergraduate degree in any of these related fields or comparable experience.
The Masters degree in Bioethics at the University of Ibadan admits students every year