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The Center for Bioethics and Research, Nigeria.

The Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR) which now includes the West African Bioethics Training Program (WAB) was established in 2004 through a grant from the Fogarty International Center(FIC) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with overarching goal of buiding bioethics capacity in West Africa. It does this by combining modern bioethics with exploration of the religious, socio-cultural, and colonial heritage of West Africa and uses the result to engage in bioethical inquiry and contribute to the global discourse on bioethics.

The practical avenues to achieve this are through promoting awareness in bioethics within the health research community, offering postgraduate training in bioethics and providing training and support to research ethics committees in West Africa.  The establishment of the Bioethics program was led by Professor Clement Adebamowo, who galvanized the nascent bioethics community in Nigeria to take advantage of emerging global opportunities in bioethics. The program was established in response to a variety of developments in biomedical research and bioethics locally and internationally.  The program started with a cross sectional survey of biomedical researchers in West Africa to document the need for training, advocacy and building awareness in research ethics. The respondents were quite enthusiastic about the prospect of such a program and quickly came together to implement it.

About the same time, an increasing number of University of Ibadan academic staff and other Nigerians were receiving training in US government funded bioethics training programs in the US, Canada, South Africa and other countries. Some of these trainees pioneered the organization of research ethics workshops in major Nigerian cities like Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos to create awareness about research ethics in the country. The trainees based in Ibadan formed the foundation faculty of the West African Bioethics Training Program.  WAB thus became a common ground for trainees from different foreign programs to utilize their training in bioethics locally thereby actualizing the efforts that had been since 1980 to create a research ethics regulatory infrastructure in Nigeria 1980.

Since its establishment, CBR has implemented a variety of activities that are fortifying and building the research ethics infrastructure and capacity, in Nigeria in particular but also globally.

  • Establish bioethics training programs at Nigerian universities.
  • Increase awareness of bioethics in Nigeria and other West African countries by conducting seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Partner with governments to formulate research ethics guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Establish and train institutional Research Ethics Committees.

Other activities implemented by the Center for Bioethics and Research include

  • Support registration of Health Research Ethics Committees with the national authorities.
  • Develop innovative training programs that are responsive to emerging themes in research ethics

The Center for Bioethics and Research is also involved in the implementation of several research projects, some of the ongoing research projects at the Center for Bioethics and Research are

  • African Female Breast Cancer Epidemiology Study. (AFBRECANE Study)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Related Dementias. (AD/ARD Project)
  • African American Diabetes Meletus Study. (ADDM Study)
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire Study. (FFQ Study)
  • The Deepening Research Ethics in Nigeria (DREIN) Project.
  • The Indigenous Linguistic and Cultural Concepts of Heritability and Comprehension of Genomics Research in Nigeria (INDIGENE) study.

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