Olusegun Adeyemo

Manager, Center for Bioethics and Research

mr segun -bg

Olusegun Adeyemo has a background in mass communication and managerial psychology.

He received his trainings in Ibadan and at the University of Ibadan, he is responsible for the day to day running of the Center for Bioethics and Research. He is also responsible for keeping the CBR registration with the NIH and U.S government up to date. He is responsible for the implementation of the M.Sc. Bioethics program and monthly Bioethics seminar. He supports the CBR Director in directing the recruitment of participants for research projects and manages all logistics related to implementation of the M.Sc. Bioethics program’s activities at the University of Ibadan. He also manages the Director’s travels and logistics required for Program implementation in Nigeria including mentoring, lecturing and program implementation visits to Nigeria.