Congrats! Our paper get listed first among top 50 recently published papers in Nature Communications

Screenshot 2023-11-17 162551

Nature Communications has an editorial selection of papers on Cancer. Current research efforts focus on screening, early detection and discovering improved treatment options with the aim of decreasing patient mortality. This editorial selection highlights some of our recent most exciting papers that significantly move forward the rapid evolving field of cancer research.

The editors at Nature Communications have put together an Editors’ Highlights webpage aimed at to showcasing the 50 best papers recently published in an area. In the titled Cancer, the Center for Bioethics and Research CBR’s research paper on “The promise of data science for health research in Africa” made the list of best 50 papers and appears first on the list.

Many congratulations to the BridgELSI Project team and the Center for the continuous streak of achievements. We are proud of this recognition that our work receives.

See the Editors’ Highlight webpage for the compete list of selected papers.