MSc/PhD Bioethics at University of Nigeria

This is a 3-semester MSc Bioethics and a research-based PhD program of the University of Nigeria. Participants in the program receive full Scholarship that covers tuition, fees, books and other learning resources.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Foundations of Modern Bioethics
  • Informed Consent and Management of Ethics Committees
  • Teaching and Writing Methods in Bioethics
  • Research Designs
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Health Law and Bioethics
  • Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Integrity

Course description

The Postgraduate degree program is a 3-semester MSc Bioethics program of the University of Ibadan. The program is managed by the Center for Bioethics and Research (C.B.R). Participants of the program are admitted on full Scholarship that covers tuition, accommodation, books and learning resources.  The first set of participants were admitted during the 2007/2008 session.

The program has stimulated research on research ethics as the postgraduate degree students embark on their final research projects and publish their findings.

The platform that C.B.R provides for teaching, training and research for members of its faculty and students has enhanced their contributions to bioethics discourse and literature either individually or in collaboration with the trainees of the degree program.

The graduates of the Bioethics degree program have worked and published in different areas including:

  • Research Ethics.
  • Research Misconducts.
  • Human genetics research.
  • Community involvement in genomics research.
  • Perception of Ethical issues.
  • Accreditation of Research Ethics Committees.

Research in children and Research integrity

The Bioethics postgraduate degree program is producing a crop of bioethicists for universities, research institutes, hospitals, government ministries and non-governmental organizations among others.

Graduates from the program in academic positions organize workshops for their academic and research communities, they also champion the incorporation of bioethics into the core teaching curriculum of their institutions.

The Bioethics postgraduate degree program has produced 28 graduates since the inception of the program. The Center for Bioethics and Research (C.B.R) and the leadership of the University of Nigeria, Enugu have successfully started implementation of  the Bioethics degree program at the University of Nigeria, Enugu.

The Institute of Public Health, College of Medicine University of Nigeria with support from C.B.R has also started the implementation of the degree program for ‘Masters in Public Health with Bioethics concentration’ .

C.B.R will continue to support the establishment of Bioethics degree programs as much as possible in higher institutions in  Nigeria and West Africa.