Onsite/Institutional based step-down training

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The following onsite trainings were conducted by West African Bioethics Training Program faculty members from January 2016 to date.

Institution Date Attendance Participants Training type
The Federal Medical Center, Abuja. Mar. 4 – 5 57 Members of the Ethics Committee and staff of the hospital. Health Management and Ethics Course
IRRUA Specialist teaching hospital, Edo State. May 18 – 19 79 Members of Health Research Ethics Committee. Modern Research Ethics.
The Department for International Development. (D.F.I.D) Nov. 30 – Dec.2 47 Members of Health Research Ethics Committees of 6 Northern States in Nigeria, and members of the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja. Modern Research Ethics.

The aim of the trainings is to strengthen the skills of members of the Research Ethics Committees on how to review research proposal and, or protocols submitted to them for Ethical Approval. Some of the plenary sessions taken at the trainings are listed.

  • Principles of Research Ethics
  • Health Research Ethics Regulation in Nigeria – Composition and Functions of the National and Institutional Health Research Ethics Committees
  • Ethical Review Processes, annual reports and continuing reviews.
  • Elements and Comprehension of an informed Consent.
  • Research Misconduct.
  • Exploitation, Benefits, Inducements and Compensation for Research Injuries and Vulnerable Populations.
  • Operationalising an Ethics Committee and Functions of the REC Administrator