New research paper published in Scientific Reports. Watch the video explanation

new research paper

A new research paper by The ACCME Research Group has been published in Nature’s Scientific Reports and is now accessible freely online. The paper is titled “Validation of self-report of uterine fibroid diagnosis using a transvaginal ultrasound scan“. We are excited about this research because it lays the foundation for serious epidemiological work on the commonest yet neglected neoplasm among black women globally.

In a previous paper, The ACCME Research Group showed the lack of systematic epidemiological studies of uterine fibroid in African women (Morhason-Bello IO, Adebamowo CA. Epidemiology of uterine fibroid in black African women: a systematic scoping review. BMJ Open. 2022 Aug 3;12(8):e052053.) and this paper highlights the best approaches to studying the condition.

In addition to the paper, there is a brief video to highlight the importance of the work. The video succinctly describes the impact and importance of the work in an engaging way. You can view it below.

Adebamowo et al. “Validation of self‑report of uterine fibroid diagnosis using a transvaginal ultrasound scan.” Scientific Reports (2023)