New Course: Big Data and Data Science Research Ethics

Big Data and Data Science Course

In our efforts to continue equipping researchers with the required skills to engage in research activities at the highest levels of professionalism and ethics, we are glad to announce the addition of a new course to the library of courses available via our collaboration with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program).

The new course is titled “Big Data and Data Science Research Ethics.” It covers the unique issues associated with big data and data science research ethics. Learners will be introduced to big data, data science, and research ethics and then explore privacy and data protection in data science, increasing the awareness of data subjects, and data science and power.

The modules included in the course are:

  • Introduction to Big Data, Data Science, and Research Ethics
  • Privacy and Data Protection in Data Science
  • Increasing Awareness of Data Subjects
  • Data Science and Power

The course has been added to Question 4 (Ethical Aspects of Data Science Health Research) of our course database. To get started with this course and access other courses and webinars available in our library, please visit our website for guidance.

Happy learning.