Announcing New Module: “Ethical and Appropriate Uses of Administrative Data for Research and Evaluation”

The Center for Bioethics and Research in partnership with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is happy to announce a new module “Ethical and Appropriate Uses of Administrative Data for Research and Evaluation’’.  This new module is designed to complement our interesting offerings in the Human Subjects Research (HSR) Social-Behavioral-Educational course.

The significance of ethical and proper utilization of administrative data in HSR such as programmatic, regulatory, eligibility information, claims information, and managed care encounters cannot be overemphasised. Thus, the awareness of this importance provides researchers the opportunity to use administrative data collected to better understand the characteristics, behavior, or needs of groups of individuals, communities, or industries.

This module addresses the benefits and limitations of utilizing administrative data for research, evaluation, and analytic purposes. It also provides learners with experts’ overview of ethical use, privacy and security, legal considerations, study design, reporting, and data management.

Click here to get started and to take advantage of this  and other course offerings including Informed Consent, Good Clinical Practice, Essentials of Research Administration, Biosafety and Conflict of Interest.

Happy learning!