Announcing the publication of “A Theory of Bioethics” by David DeGrazia and Joseph Millum

theory of bioethics

We are very pleased to announce the publication of A Theory of Bioethics by David DeGrazia and Joseph Millum. This volume offers a carefully argued, compelling theory of bioethics while eliciting practical implications for a wide array of issues including medical assistance-in-dying, the right to health care, abortion, animal research, and the definition of death. The authors’ dual-value theory features mid-level principles, a distinctive model of moral status, a subjective account of well-being, and a cosmopolitan view of global justice. In addition to ethical theory, the book investigates the nature of harm and autonomous action, personal identity theory, and the ‘non-identity problem’ associated with many procreative decisions. Readers new to particular topics will benefit from helpful introductions, specialists will appreciate in-depth theoretical explorations and a novel take on various practical issues, and all readers will benefit from the book’s original synoptic vision of bioethics.

The book is available here for purchase or as a free download. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.” (David DeGrazia & Joseph Millum, A Theory of Bioethics, Cambridge University Press 2021). We hope that it will be valuable for students, teachers, and scholars of bioethics. 

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