Announcing A New Course – IRB Risk Assessment of Technologies


The Center for Bioethics and Research in partnership with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is proud to announce the addition of ‘’IRB Risk Assessment of Technologies course’’ to its list of CITI Courses.

The use of technologically interconnected products and services continues to revolutionize the design and conduct of human subjects’ research. Ranging from smartphones and smartwatches, tablets, fitness trackers, to virtual assistants, and even smart medical devices, these technological innovations raise important legal, regulatory, and ethical questions for IRBs.

In order to adequately address these emerging issues, ensure protection of human subjects, and accurately apply the regulatory criteria for approval, it is important for IRBs to incorporate Information Technology (IT) expertise throughout their work.

This course reviews the critical intersection between IRBs and IT and equips IRBs with information in managing the need for IT expertise among their members.

Please visit our website to take advantage of this and other course offerings.

Happy learning!

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