Research Ethics Training for Oyo State Journalists


A two-day workshop was organized by the West African Bioethics Training Program (WAB) and the Nigerian Medical Association, Oyo state chapter for journalists that are involved in health reporting in the state.
The training curriculum was accredited by the National Health Research Ethics Committee with training number NHREC/TR/25/02/2013. The aim of the workshop is to introduce research ethics to journalists and the role journalists play in disseminating information about research ethics in the society. The training came up between the 25th and 26th of April 2013 at the Centre for Bioethics, Ibadan.  In attendance were 21 participants exclusive of the four facilitators.
The workshop started at about 9.30am each day with the conduct of formalities – welcome address, registration and introduction to the aim and objectives of the workshop. Six plenary sessions were taken (three each day) which include:

  • History of Bioethics
  • Research Misconduct and the Roles of the Media
  • Legal, Moral and Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics
  • Phases of Drug Trials and What Makes a Research Ethical
  • NHREC, HRECs and their Roles in Human Research in Nigeria
  • The informed consent
  • Roles of the Society and the Press in Fostering good Research involving Human beings.

Various participatory mechanisms such as brainstorming, question and answer sessions were used to facilitate the training. The training ended at 2pm each day

Photographs Session

Prof Malomo (one of the facilitator from WAB) giving a lecture at the training program

Dr Agulanna (one of the facilitator from WAB) giving a lecture at the training program

Cross section of participants