Center for Bioethics and Research in partnership with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) announces a new course in public health research. The conduct of research activities is a critical mission of public health experts, as many of the usual functions performed in routine practice involve surveillance and process improvement. While public health research is subject to the same rigorous scientific and ethical standards as other human subjects research, both the unique features and legislative mandates of public health require special treatment.

This course supplements the foundational training provided in a basic Human Subjects Research (HSR) course (either Biomedical or Social-Behavioral-Educational) and aims to provide an overview of the structure and function of public health system, differentiates research research and practice, and reviews consent and ethical issues for public health researchers including but not limited to investigators, IRB members and administrators.

Complete all four required modules: Introduction to Public Health Research, Public Health Research and Public Health Practice, Informed Consent and Confidentiality in Public Health Research, and Ethical Issues in Public Health Research to earn a verifiable certificate.

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