New course available: Navigating Online and Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid Teaching

The Center for Bioethics and Research in partnership with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is pleased to announce a new course titled “Navigating Online and Hybrid Teaching

This course explores best practices for addressing the challenges instructors face in online and hybrid teaching. Focused on learning management systems and technology integration as well as course design and development, the course presents techniques for the instructor to engage with learners in a meaningful and impactful way. Importantly, the course highlights methods to conduct formative and summative assessments in online and hybrid courses.

The course consists of modules focused on different important aspects of online teaching, including:

  • Introduction to Online and Hybrid Teaching
  • Learning Management Systems and Technology Integration
  • Course Design and Development
  • Instructor Presence and Learner Engagement
  • Facilitating Formative Learning
  • Assessment and Evaluation

Click here to get started and take advantage of this and other course offerings available from CITI and CBR’s partnership.

Happy learning!