DS-I Africa Virtual Symposium: Ethical, Legal, & Social Implications (ELSI) of Data Science Research

ki speech

As part of the new DS-I Africa program, Prof. Clement Adebamowo will be giving a talk on “Ethical, Legal, & Social Implications (ELSI) of Data Science Research” at the ongoing Virtual Symposium on Tuesday 18th of August, 2020.

Prof. Adebamowo has been invited by the NIH to speak on the funding opportunities for research on research ethics within the program.

It will be a valuable source of useful information for those who want to apply for funding. Get a preview of Prof. Adebamowo’s speech here.

There are other talks on the other funding opportunities. Please visit KI Storm (https://kistorm.com/go/dsiafrica) to see other lectures and plan to apply for these fundings.