Announcing a New Course – COVID-19: Back to Campus

The Center for Bioethics and Research is excited to announce yet another new course “COVID-19: Back to Campus” in partnership with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

In preparation for a safe return to school, it is important that staff, faculty and students follow a model compliant policy in order to ensure a healthy academic environment as the public recuperates from a global pandemic (COVID-19). It is important that you do your part by diligently adhering to an ideal health precautions.

This course provides an overview of COVID-19, prevention strategies, recommended laboratory practices, and points to consider as staff, faculty and students look forward to returning to usual activities and operations within schools and research institutional settings. This new course cuts across core responsibilities and essential information on precautionary practices that will help schools, universities, research and training organisations to plan how to safely reopen activities during COVID-19. This course is highly recommended for lecturers, students, research faculty, research team members and other academic/training staff.

How to access this course:

  1. You must have a CITI Program account to access the course. If you, as a learner, do not have a CITI Program account, please follow these instructions to register:
  2. If you already have an account, visit and log into your account.
  3. Click on “View Courses” next to your institution’s name from your Main Menu page.
  4. Click on “Add a course” below the Learner Tools section
  5. Locate the “COVID-19: Back to Campus (Fall 2020)” course (through West African Bioethics Training Program).
  6. Follow these steps to retrieve your Completion Record after you must have completed the course

Visit our website to take advantage of this and other course offerings, including Research Study Design, Good Clinical Practice, Essentials of Research Administration, Biosafety, Conflicts of Interest, and many more.

Happy learning!