Reminder to review our new webinars on CITI

Reminder Webinar on CITI

The Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR) is inviting you to review our new webinars on CITI program.

The new webinars include, Getting Started in Grant Writing: An Introduction for Graduate Students, Postdocs, and New Faculty. The new webinar features the underlisted:

  • Identify major phases in grant proposal development.
  • Locate relevant sources of information on funding opportunities.
  • Summarize information found in a Request for Proposals.

The other webinars are, Remote Informed Consent: The Same, but Different, but Still the Same. The webinar features the underlisted:

  • Consider requirements that apply to remote consent processes and documentation including HHS, HIPAA, and FDA regulated research.
  • Adapt informed consent components for a remote process including areas of regulatory flexibility afforded by agencies due to the pandemic.
  • Explore electronic consent solutions and challenges.
  • Review remote consent process examples in various research scenarios.

And, Understanding Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) and Virtual Study Visits. The webinar features the underlisted:

  • Identify differences between traditional trials and decentralized clinical trials.
  • Review brief history of development of DCTs.
  • Learn about the terminology, regulations, and best practices of DCTs.
  • Learn appropriate preparation for, interactions during, and overall conduct for virtual visits.

Visit our website to take advantage of these webinars and other course offerings, including Research Study Design, Good Clinical Practice, Essentials of Research Administration, Biosafety , Conflict of Interest and many more.

Happy learning!