The faculty members of West African Bioethics Training Program paid a courtesy visit to the Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan- Prof. I.F. Adewole on 17th June, 2011. The aim of the visit was to felicitate with him on his appointment as the Vice chancellor of the University of Ibadan. The faculty members identified him as a member of our faculty and congratulated him on this great achievement.
During the visit, Dr. T. Ogundiran who led the team to the VC reiterated the preliminaries to the establishment of WAB, her goals and achievements in the past five years in the University of Ibadan. He mentioned that he looks forward to the sustenance of the program by the University. Dr. A. Adejumo suggested inclusion of ethics in the undergraduate curriculum. He said students should learn ethics as part of General studies in the undergraduate program. He proposed a general course in ethics for all the undergraduate students. Prof Jegede asked the Vice Chancellor on how West African Bioethics can be part of the implementation of the ethics policy of the University.

The Vice Chancellor responded by expressing his great interest in ethics. He promised to take his usual class in Research Misconduct course if given the opportunity. The VC promised to support the program and see to his sustenance in the University of Ibadan. He promised to have a UI-WAB partnership and provide sponsorship if need be for the program. He said he will not want the program to be relocated to another university. He asked Prof. Jegede and Dr(s) Ogundiran and Adejumo to write a proposal to the effect of their suggestions and he will see to it.

In concluding, Dr Ogundiran requested of the VC a department of Bioethics. In responding, the VC promised to support this request whenever the proposal is brought to him. 
A plaque was presented to Prof. Adewole from WAB on his appointment as the Vice Chancellor of the famous premier University in Nigeria.

The faculty members who visited the VC were Prof. A.S. Jegede, Dr. T.O. Ogundiran, Dr. C. Agulanna, Dr. (Mrs.) I. Ajayi, Dr. J. Akintayo, Dr. A. Adejumo, Mrs. Adegbola and Mr. Adeyemo. While Prof. Malomo and Mrs Akintola sent apologies that they will not be available for the meeting.

The delegates also called on the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics -Prof. A. Olayinka and Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration- Prof. E. Bamgboye. They were not available at the time and    a plaque each was left for both of them.