Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR) launches eMentoring Program in Research Ethics, Responsible Conduct of Research, and general research career development

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We are glad to announce the flag-off of the eMentoring Program of the Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR). This is a high-impact program designed to provide structured mentoring for upcoming professionals in the fields of Research Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research, and for general career development for researchers.

It is well-established that the guidance and experience of a mentor increases the likelihood of professional and career advancement. However, most people do not have opportunities for structured mentoring. CBR developed the eMentoring program to address this problem by recruiting local and international researchers who are accomplished in their fields, to mentor and provide career guidance and support for upcoming researchers.

The program is designed around Individual Development Plans (IDP) which help mentees provide clear description of desired career goals and objectives. The IDP is used to identify the most appropriate mentors for mentees. Mentors work with mentees to identify steps and action plans that will move the mentees in the right direction to accomplish their stated goals and objectives.

The eMentoring process is active and managed by a program manager at CBR. To support mentors and mentees, the program includes training courses in successful mentoring that are compulsory before establishment of mentoring relationships. In addition, the eMentoring program incorporates behavioral nudges of mentors and mentees.

The eMentoring program is integrated into the postgraduate degree programs supported by the Center for Bioethics and Research in different Nigerian universities. The platform is available for interested individuals/groups to take advantage of the opportunity to be mentored by seasoned academics, industry professionals and career leaders.

To get started taking advantage of this opportunity, please check the e-Mentoring Program page for steps on how to enroll or get invited into the program, either as a mentor or mentee.