Announcing New “Healthcare Ethics Committee” Course


The Center for Bioethics and Research is at it again! In partnership with Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), we are pleased to announce a new Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) course.

HEC course addresses basic healthcare ethics committee attributes including general mission, varying structures, membership, roles, responsibilities, and functions of HECs and case consultants.

Healthcare Ethics Committees (HECs) are faced with many common issues including informed consent, advance directives, end-of-life issues, medical confidentiality, neonatal and maternal-fetal ethics, decision making for capacitated and incapacitated patients and allocation. Thus, HEC members need to be grounded in the application of knowledge of ethical theories, principles, and arguments to identify, analyze and resolve these ethical issues in healthcare settings. This course will enable Health Ethics Committee (HEC) members, healthcare administrators and healthcare professionals to be aware of core ethical principles and applications in healthcare settings, and their duties to others.

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Happy learning!