How to complete the CBR-CITI training program

New users should register by creating an account here. Please note the following specific instructions. In Step 1, enter “West African Bioethics Training Program” under “Select Your Organization Affiliation”, and agree to the terms of service as shown in the screen shot below. Continue to Step 2.

In Step 2 – Enter all personal information as shown in the screen shot below. Please pay attention to how you enter your name as this is how it will appear on your certificate.

* indicate a required field. We urge you to provide a secondary email address, if you have one, in case messages are blocked or you lose the ability to access the first one. If you forget your username or password, you can recover that information using either email address. We also advise that you provide a personal email address that you have access to, NOT a general one. In both primary and secondary email accounts, please enter your email address twice in the spaces provided, as this is a simple verification tool to ensure that you enter your email correctly.

In Step 3 – Create a username and password that will enable you log off and in to the CITI program any time, to resume unfinished modules or start new ones. Your username should consist of 4 to 50 characters. Your username is NOT case sensitive, that is, LAGBAJA is the same as lagbaja. However, your password IS case sensitive and should consist of 8 to 50 characters.

Please choose a security question and provide answer that you will remember. NOTE: if you forget your login information, you will have to provide this answer to the security question to access your account.

Step 4: Type or search for country of residence

In Step 5: If interested in receiving Continuing Education Unit (CEU) choose Yes, otherwise choose No and continue to Step 6.

Step 6. Please note that * indicates a required field. Please note that your certificate will be sent to the institutional email address provided here. We advise you to provide email account that you most commonly use for e-mailing e.g. yahoo, hotmail, gmail, aol, etc because your certificate will be sent to the institutional email address provided here.

In Step 7: You select curriculum to complete your registration. You will be provided with a series of enrollment questions. Your responses will determine the curriculum for the courses you are going to take. Please read the questions and responses carefully to make the best choice. Note that some questions in radio buttons require you to choose one answer ONLY, and some others in check boxes require you to select all that apply. Click Complete registration and then Finalize registration.

When you have successfully completed your registration, you should see the main menu of the account you have just created, with the information that your registration is completed successfully as shown below. Choose courses you wish to do in the course section.

Please email your questions to

Happy learning!