The Center for Bioethics and Research (CBR) in partnership with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is happy to announce a new webinar “Title IX and the New Regulation”.

Developing a sustainable academic environment that is free of discrimination and harassment of any kind is vital to any institution’s commitment to attaining excellence. This makes this course very crucial for learners to understand the importance of ensuring the prevention of sexual misconduct on college campuses

Title IX and the New Regulation webinar course” is one of the newest courses in our webinar series, that discusses key element of the Title IX legal history and new 2020 regulations. It also explains how they influence the institutional community. This new webinar course provides an in-depth overview of what people in higher education need to know to implement best practices in the revised Title IX procedures and policies.

The webinar lays a foundation for our upcoming course on sexual harassment and creating a safe working environment in health research institutions in Nigeria.

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